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Dunedin Parking Traffic Court: Open on 1st Tuesday of every month at 5 p.m. at Dunedin City Hall

Fines for parking violations are as follows:

Parking overtime (sign) $30.00
Parking overtime (pay stationed) $30.00
Parking in permit area without valid permit displayed $30.00
Parking in area posted no parking during specified hours $30.00
Parking in area posted authorized vehicle only $30.00
Within fifteen (15) feet of fire hydrant $30.00
Within thirty (30) feet of traffic-control device $30.00
Parking on private property $30.00
Parking on crosswalk $30.00
Loading zone $30.00
Parking in prohibited neighborhood zones $30.00
Parking on sidewalk $30.00
Blocking driveway $30.00
Blocking alley or overtime parking in alley $30.00
Double parking $30.00
Obstructing traffic $30.00
Parking facing oncoming traffic (1- or 2-way road) $30.00
Parking in safety zone $30.00
Parking in posted no parking area $30.00
Parking in parking spaces provided for disabled persons in violation of section 26-144 of this Code $250.00
Parking in or blocking any area designated as an access aisle for persons with disabilities per F.S. § 316.1955(2) $250.00
Parking in fire lanes $30.00
Parking in courier zones $30.00
Other parking violations not listed above $30.00

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